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About Sylvie

Sylvie Stewart is Romantic Comedy author living in North Carolina.

The first two books in her Carolina Connections series are available in paperback and e-book from your favorite booksellers. Click here to read the book descriptions and find the purchase links. Check back for more details, or contact the author directly at

Hi, I'm Sylvie Stewart and I'm a spy. No, wait, I meant to say I'm an author of Romance and Romantic Comedy. Really.

Like the characters in my books, North Carolina is where I call home these days, and I love love love it here! You should totally move here.

When I'm not writing, I'm usually hanging out with my kids or arguing with my husband about which of us is funnier. It’s usually a tie. Reading is, of course, a huge hobby of mine, but I'm also getting into kayaking these days and, in case you were wondering, those two activities cannot be combined. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and my extended family, sharing some laughs and a glass of wine. 

I should note at this point that wine goes very well with both reading and kayaking so next time I talk about my interests maybe I should include some kind of Venn diagram or something. 

So that's about it. Now you know all about me.

P.S. I really am a spy but they told me not to tell anyone so, you know, can you keep it on the down low? Awesome!